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SAP Power User Program
SAP is a worldleader inEnterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that helps business streamline their processes,Improve productivity and efficiency withthe use of realtime data for planning and implementation.Started by five former IBM entrepreneurs in Germany in 1972,the company now has a client base of 3,50,000 worldwide and a growing clientele across 25 major industries in India.

Knowledge of SAP Software Packages hos become Indispensable for aspiring engineering,management and accounting professionals to ensure o headstart intheir career by getting employed in leading companies.

SAP Enable Now Power User Program
R/3 Program
@ Duration:80 hours
@ NormalTraining:Two months Fast
Track:One month

Course Advantages
  • Suitable for Engineering,Management,Commerce,Logistics,IT Management and Aviation students to get better jobs and promotion prospects incompanies inIndio and the Gulf Co-operation Countries.
  • SAPGLOBALLY Certified Trainers and hands-on training
  • SAP WORLDWIDE Authorised Certification
  • Equip students with the knowledge and skills to ultimately become deportment heads incompanies
  • Internships in Industry
  • Each learner given SAPGerman InternationalLogin ID for E-Learning
  • Choose your ownconvenient time
  • Online training facility
  • 100% job assurance

SAP Training Modules- Power User Program
SAP Finance & Controlling FICO
Module forrecording and capturing of financialtransactions
Account Receivables,Account Payables,General Ledger Accounting Asset
Accounting,Bonk Accounting
Inter orders,cost sheet,inventory sheet,cost allocations.

Material Management MM
Procurement of materials as per production demand Ensures timely delivery of materials to improve efficiency.
Creating Material Moster Record,Quotations,Purchase Orders Pricing of goods,pricing procedures,inventory management.

Production Planning
Aligns demandwith production capacit.y
Create production and procurement schedules for finished products Helps utilize resources- employees,materials,machinery.
Tracks manufacturing process flows.
System Domain