C and C++ are two popular programming languages used widely for coding in many operating systems and software. It is the first high-level language available on any new computer, including microcomputers, minicomputers and mainframe computers. A sound knowledge of these basic programming languages is a must for a graduate aspiring to enter the IT industry. Many universities include only an overview of these languages in their curriculum and hence, the students are not equipped to apply them to complex coding assignments.

We, at System Domain, offer an extensive certificate program in C and C++, that is designed by experienced faculty members keeping in mind the latest developments in the industry. The course covers all the core concepts in detail so as to equip the students to write complex programs at the end of the course. The course in C language covers the basics of the language, concepts of control flow structure, arrays and string functions, use of structures and pointers and file handling. The C++ course covers the basics, lexical and standard conventions, use of statements, declarations, decelerators, classes and templates, member access control, member functions, exception handling, overloading and pre-processing.

Why Systems Domain

  • Our trainers are specially trained to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a student and training them accordingly.
  • High number of placement offers from reputed companies
  • Special weekend batches to ensure that no one is left behind
  • Our program aims to ensure your all round development by organizing seminars and group discussions on personality development, interview tips and presentations

C/C++ Brochure: Download