The applications and software we use are available to us only after they gone through a serious of rigorous testing and quality control checks. The newly developed software has several kinks and bugs that need to ironed out before it can hit the markets. Software testing is the execution of a program with the intent of finding any errors that that the use may face when it is run. A software program can cause mistakes and problems in several unpredictable ways; this is why software testing has become an integral part of software development.

Organizations have always depended upon software developers and in-house software testing teams to test their software. With the boom in the demand for software and applications, companies have shifted their focus on improving software testing to ensure that customer has the best possible user experience. System Domain’s course in Software Testing develops specialized quality assurance professionals who can efficiently test programs. The program focuses on improvements in the analysis and design phases of a software development cycle and enhances the ability of the tester to work hand in hand with the developers.

Why Systems Domain

  • Our trainers are specially trained to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a student and training them accordingly.
  • High number of placement offers from reputed companies
  • Special weekend batches to ensure that no one is left behind
  • Our program aims to ensure your all-round development by organizing seminars and group discussions on personality development, interview tips, and presentations

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