Tally ERP 9.0 With GST

Tally ERP 9.0 With GST Training

A minimum of intermediate qualified student can join for the certificate of Tally as the basic education qualification must be intermediate or its equivalent.

Tally with GST Course Contents
Duration: 45 hrs
Level 1
User Interface and Company Management
• Introduction to Tally ERP9
• Installing Tally ERP9 License Server
• Creating a Company
• Data Path for Tally ERP9 Companies
• Altering and Deleting Company
• Gateway of Tally and User Interface

Masters – Ledgers • Understanding Ledgers
• Creating Ledgers
• Creating Multiple Ledgers
• Altering and Deleting Ledgers
• Practical Examples

Masters – Groups
• Understanding Groups
• Creating Groups
• Altering and Deleting Groups
• Practical Examples

Receipt Voucher
• Understanding Receipt Vouchers
• Practical Examples

Contra and Journal Voucher
• Understanding Contra for Banking
• Practical Examples on Contra Vouchers
• Practical Examples on Journal Vouchers

Cheque Printing • CTS Cheque Printing System
• Practical Examples

Sales Voucher • Practical on Sales Voucher
• Printing Sales Invoice

Masters : Inventory • Understanding Inventory
• Integrating Accounts and Inventory
• Practical on Stock Group
• Practical on Godown and Locations
• Practical on Stock Category
• Practical on Units of Measure

Masters - Billwise Debtors and Creditors Ledgers
• Using Practice Files
• Configuring Billwise Details
• Examples on Creating Billwise Ledgers

Stock Transfers
• Understanding Stock Transfers
• Practical Examples

Billing Features
• Zero Valued Entries
• Different Billing and Actual Quantity
• Additional Cost of Purchase
• Discount Column on Invoices
Batch Wise Details
• Understanding Inventory Batches
• Practical Examples

Purchase Order Processing
• Purchase Order Process
• Purchase Order Voucher with Examples
• Receipt Note (Inventory) with Examples
• Rejection-Out Voucher with Examples

Re-Order Level
• Understanding ROL
• Practical Examples
Interest Calculations (Auto Mode)
• Activating Interest Calculations
• Practical Examples

Sales Order Processing
• Sales Order Process
• Sales Order Voucher with Examples
• Delivery Note (Inventory) with Examples
• Rejection-IN Voucher with

Voucher Types and Class
• Voucher Types and Masters
• Practical Examples • Voucher Class and Masters
• Practical Examples

Point of Sales • Understanding POS
• Practical Examples

Debit and Credit Notes
• Debit Note Returns with Examples
• Credit Note Returns with Examples

Bank Reconciliation
• Understanding BRS Process
• Practical Examples

Price List
• Price Listing Masters
• Practical Examples

Credit Limit
• Credit Limits for Customers

Budgets and Controls
• Budget Masters and Configurations
• Practical Examples
• Budget Reporting and Analysis

Cost Centres and Cost Categories
• Understanding Cost Centres
• Practical Examples
• Understanding Profit Centres
• Practical Examples

xport and Import Formats
• Practical Examples
• Data Backup and Restore

Party Ledger Analysis
• Customer and Supplier Balance Checking
• Customer and Supplier Bill Wise Checking
• Overdue Payables and Receivables
• Outstanding Reports and Printing
• Confirmation of Accounts
• Negative Ledgers Report

Purchase and Sales Reporting
• Analysing Purchase
and Sales Register • Analysing Debit and Credit Note
• Overdue Payables and Receivables
• Outstanding Reports and Printing

Stock Analysis and Reports
• Stock Registers
• Stock Valuation
• Stock Transfer Report
• Negative Stock Report
• Record Physical Stock and Shortage
• Stock Entry without Perpetual Inventory

Cash and Bank Reports
• Cash Book and Bank Book
• Stock Transfer Report
• Negative Stock Report
Financial Reports
• Trial Balance
• Profit and Loss Account
• Balance Sheet
• Working Capital
• Cash Flow and Fund Flow Statements

Multi Language
• Practical on Multi-Language

Printing Reports
• Sales Invoice
• Printing Payment and Receipt Vouchers
• Printing Various Other Reports

Miscellaneous • Inserting Vouchers
• Duplicating Entries
• Split Company Data
• Merge Tally Companies

Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) • Understanding TDS
• Creating TDS Masters
• Practical Examples
• TDS Payment
• Tax Reports and Tax Forms
Finalization Entries • Finalization Process
• Depreciation Entries
• Creating General Reserves
• Provision for Taxation
• Bad Debt Reserves
• Partnership Firm - Transfering Profits
• Outstanding Expenses and Accrued Income
• Changing Financial Year
Data Security • Security Control Setup
• User Security Control
Tally Audit • Understanding Tally Audit
• Auditing Ledgers and Vouchers

• GST?
• GST Registration.
• Invoicing Under GST
• GST Accounts and Records
• GST Returns.
• GST Payment and Refunds
• Input GST credit.
• GST Composition Scheme
• GST procedure.
• GST Penalties and Appeals
• Time, Place and value of
System Domain